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Gambling History

Gambling is as old as the proverbial hills. There’s absolutely nothing modern about placing a wager on a specific outcome or range of possibilities.

Mankind has long dabbled in the art of gambling and the good news is that it’s here to stay. The origins of gambling date back to ancient times.

It is widely known that gambling relics were recovered from Rome, India, Egypt (a tablet in the Pyramid of Cheops) and ancient China (from 2300 BC).

Even the erstwhile ruler of England, the notable Henry VIII commented that his troops spent more time gambling than performing their military drills.

The majority of civilizations throughout the world have individually practiced acts of gambling within their own confines.

Many nobles and royals have wagered their entire fortunes in gambling activities, some prospered while others faced certain ruin.

Gambling has never been a monopoly of the rich, though their stakes have always been significantly higher. The poor too have wagered what they could in hopes of winning more.

Dice and other objects resembling cards have been found dating back to the 14th Century in the aforementioned countries.

A Blackjack and poker concept was born from the practice of shuffling paper money in China around 900 AD. Subsequently, card play developed and it was brought to Europe by the Mameluke Empire.

Roulette was developed by two Frenchmen – Francois and Louis Blanc. They invented the Single 0 game in the year 1842.

Soon thereafter it was brought to the USA and the Americans added the Double 0. This was known as American Roulette.

2,000 years ago dice were first used. Craps was initially known as Hazard and was played by the upper-classes in England.

The French and the Americans soon got hold of it and it became an instant hit – Craps. It has enjoyed lasting popularity ever since.

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